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Digital migration: TVC distributes 100,000 CONSAT decoders


Television Continental, owners of TVC News and TVC Entertainment, says it is giving out decoders of Continental Satellite to 100,000 Nigerian households to ensure that they are not left out in the migration from analogue to digital broadcasting.

The management of TV Continental stated that it was giving out the decoders in the wake of Nigeria being one of 52 African countries that missed the International Telecommunications Unions’ deadline of June 17, 2015 transition from analogue to digital broadcasting.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer, TVC, Mr. Lemi Olalemi, said while 100,000 might seem small when compared to the nationwide need, it was a starting point, adding that every little bit mattered a lot.

“The action of TVC in making this step brings to the forefront the critical need to keep consumers aware of the implications of digital migration and make them aware that they have a choice in their selection of a pay-TV provider.

“TVC is committed to transitioning Nigerians to digital TV with the distribution of CONSAT decoder,” Olalemi said.

The Chief Executive Officer of CONSAT, Mr. Mayo Okunola, said the company was excited about the opportunity to work with TVC to distribute the set-top boxes across Nigeria.

“It forms part of our strategy to contribute to Nigeria’s digital migration process by the provision of affordable digital television for everyone,” he said.

“It is important to note that the overall benefits of digital migration are equal access to information and entertainment, which is key to the development of the average Nigerian household,” Okunola added

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