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Jason-Wu-Spring-2014to break out the crop tops, sunglasses and novelty sweatshirts, New York Fashion Week is here. With over 350 shows on the calendar this season there’s a lot to see, tweet and covet. Here are our favourite moments from the front lines of fashion week.

Karlie Kloss’ steals the spotlight at Jason Wu
Jason Wu’s spring collection saw the go-to FLOTUS designer take his signature sophistication in a more relaxed direction for spring. Slinky metallic halter dresses, silk crepe safari jumpsuits and soft slouchy sweaters in creamy whites, sage greens and hits of black and blue had iPhone cameras flying (but not tweeting thanks to the much-maligned lack of reception). The show was a fast-moving flurry of subtle sparkle, shine and fluid silhouettes, but time seemed to stop when Karlie Kloss stepped onto the runway. Wearing a silky pale sage gown with elaborate embroidered hem, Kloss took a deliberately slower pace than the other girls, seductively weaving her way down the catwalk. Girlfriend was equal parts fierce and feline. In fact, many show-goers mistakenly tweeted that Kloss closed the show but (fact check) she was actually the second last girl to walk. Way to steal the show, KK.

Cushnie et Ochs gives the peacock parade exactly what they want
The crowd of people holding cards with the letter “S” (for standing room) scribbled on them swelled to ridiculous numbers before the Cushnie et Ochs show at Milk Studios. Picture a cue of a few hundred people, curving and weaving and doubling over onto itself. Now picture every one of those people wearing neon crop tops, head to toe pattern and 10 too many accessories. With all the effort they clearly put in we almost sorry for them when, after waiting almost an hour, they were informed that the show was at capacity. But street style people are a resilient lot. Pouting was quickly replaced by preening as they stepped back into the paparazzi fray that is the sidewalk outside of Milk Studios. Because let’s face it, for a wannabe street style icon, the main event is really outside the show.

A basketball player came to Rag & Bone, fashion editors couldn’t care less
Stylists and editors at Rag & Bone were busy air kissing and picture posing when suddenly the paps went into a flashbulb frenzy over a tall guy wearing a leather vest and a fedora (weird combo but whatever). Who could it be, we all wondered? Everyone craned their necks to see but no one had any answers. “Some basketball player” seemed to be the consensus. Turns out it was three-time NBA All-Star and all around super famous Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook. However, this being a fashion crowd, most of us were far more interested in oogling industry all-star Grace Coddington, seated just two seats away from what’s his name.

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