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Guinness celebrates Made of Black Heroes in Lagos; Please nominated your own Hero?


2The buzz is on; a lot of people have been nominating their heroes and we have been seeing some amazing stories. The Guinness team was on the street to celebrate some of the inspiring stories so far The amazing man who goes out every day to sweep the pedestrian bridge at Anthony Bus stop on Ikorodu road.

He wakes up early everyday and ensures that the bridge is clean despite his circumstance. If you live around that area, you must have seen him at one time or the other. His name is Adekunle Adebisi and he was nominated by a good citizen who has long admired him on a daily basis. His nomination called out the cheer and zeal with which has carried out the sweeping duty in the last 12 years.

He is definitely Made of Black. Another nominee that got loads of nominations on the Table of Men radio show is Mrs Josephine Okeme.

This policewoman works tirelessly everyday just to ensure there is a free flow of traffic at St. Agnes Junction, Onike Yaba.

8She does this effortlessly and people believe she is truly Made of Black. She got loads of nominations from appreciative citizens who all agree she’s got the Made of Black attitude.

The Guinness team went out there to celebrate these amazing people! To appreciate and recognize their dedication, courage and can do attitude. This is definitely what Made of Black is all about.

It is about everyday people, doing ordinary things in extra ordinary ways. Do you know anyone out there who typifies the Made of Black attitude, then log onto www.Facebook.com/GuinnessNigeria and on Twitter @guinnessvip, and nominate your Made of Black hero not forgetting to include the hash tag #madeofblack Remember you have to be 18 years and above to participate.  6

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