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Nigeria can become among 10 lucky winners to win a smartphone


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A virtual reality headset takes a new world of a Smartphone, using its screen and processing power to deliver a virtual world. It incorporates a pair of lenses and a divider so each eye’s image is kept separate, simulating a virtual or a 3d experience. The fun is endless, there are great apps supporting vr like the Oculus cinema, a Video app which has you hanging from a helicopter flying over Iceland. You look up and see the helicopter and when you look down you see a shadow of yourself hanging off it, it gets better from there.

In the Battle for Avengers Tower app you find yourself right in the fray with the comic book characters. Look left and Thor is wielding his hammer, look up and Iron Man is firing rockets and looks right to see Hulk smashing bad guys. It’s not all fun and games though. The opportunities to let people experience the inaccessible are huge. I got to “swim” with whale sharks and “fly” through space and “travel” to Venice.



Unlike 3D, which appears to have died yet another death in the TV market, which is a very expensive static screen with things “popping” out of it. With virtual reality you are “inside” the game or movie and you have a 360 degree view of everything. Hear someone creeping up behind you? Turn around and they are right there trying to grab you, another way to watch 360 content is youtube 360 videos


We are giving 5 Samsung s6 and 5 Iphone 6 preloaded with the best vr games, apps and 3d content to 10 lucky shoppers. To be a part of this, simply visit our online shop @ http://www.purplereality.com and buy any VR headset, then you stand a chance to be among the lucky winners. The first two shoppers are instant winners. Winners would be published.

Updates, information and tutorial can be found on our blog http://www.purplereality.com/blog/

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