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Phone: The New TECNO Phantom


We’ve been sniffing the tech community for “What’s new” for some time now-the last time, only whiffs of fading Android One buzz cut the sensitive nostrils of our sniffers. So, have we seen the last of 2015 flagships- is this curtain call?

Absolutely not! Thank goodness for the clever phrase “save the best for the last.” It pop up sometime online that TECNO Mobile is brewing something magical for a flagship of the year then, in the midst of the excitement that rumor went under.

TECNO set to launch next flagship late September It’s so true! TECNO Mobile has been saving its flagship of the year for the last spot on its activity scale. Our sniffers report from analyzing air quality around TECNO Mobile vicinity in Lagos suggests something metallic is coming.

TECNO can’t hide it anymore – It’s a PHANTOM

I mentioned earlier that a tide of buzzes once hit social media; tech bloggers were at it, making speculations and quizzing with regards to the possible features that will don TECNO’s next PHANTOM smart phone. The conversation gained a bit of traction and all of a sudden died out.Did someone pacify our poke-your-nose bloggers? Well, we think so and information reaching us suggests that speculations made by some of these seer cum bloggers on the next PHANTOM specs were reaching too far and TECNO Mobile stepped in – it does look like someone has a communications strategy and dollar budget to defend.

It wouldn’t matter anymore. Someone or something has gotten lax at TECNO again and this PHANTOM spirit is out to hurt us again-yes, we know that TECNO’s next flagship is a PHANTOM smart phone for sure but what you cannot sniff out-yet-is the specs and features of this flagship.

So, will TECNO go wireless Bluetooth on next PHANTOM? We’ll see.

Will TECNO launch fingerprint ID on next PHANTOM? This picture, revealed, suggests there is going to be fingerprint sensor close to the camera. While fingerprint isn’t entirely new, it looks like TECNO is set to dazzle with their implementation. We pray so.

Will TECNO at least go full metal body on next PHANTOM? Most likely. The buzz of TECNO Camon C8 is still hot and the device sold out last week, but was soon available Tuesday this week. We can’t hold our excitement for the 16.09.2015—eagerly waiting for the NEXT PHANTOM! Well, we’re 65% near certain that the next PHANTOM is full metal body-see the pictures.

How much will TECNO retail next PHANTOM? Fingers crossed…let’s watch and see.


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