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Solange Knowles already having marriage problems?


solange-knowles-with-husband-alan-fergusonIf you live in Hollywood and you don’t want people speculating about the state of your marriage, then don’t go out without your wedding ring. A day after Solange was spotted out without hers, ‘sources’ told MTO (I’m sure some of you wonder why I bother with the site – it’s hilarious) that Solange & her new husband Alan Ferguson are having marital problems. A reliable entertainment insider explained;

Solange and Alan don’t even live together, he lives in New Orleans and she lives in LA. Alan is crazy in love with her, but I don’t think Solange ever really felt the same way. It’s sad, but I hope they can pull their marriage back together. We’re all rooting for them since seeing those wedding pics.

Well it doesn’t look good. Solange was out yesterday without her ring on.Solange_Divorce

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