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Teenager kills masked intruder holding gun to mum’s head only to find out it was his dad


dadA teenager killed a masked intruder holding a gun to mum’s head – only to learn it was his dad. Malachi Heisler shot his father John Heisler after he broke into the house to speak to his estranged wife. “I had about five to six seconds to make a decision,” said the 18-year-old. “By the time I did recognise him, the decision was made.” Police said Heisler, 46, forced his way into the home, smashing windows as he went, while decked out in full black tactical gear, including a ski mask and thigh holsters.

Investigators said they are continuing to probe the incident, however the teenager is not expected to face charges. The attack came about five months after Malachi’s mother, Jolene Andrews, obtained a temporary restraining order against him for another armed break-in attempt.

That order was later extended until May 2016, authorities said. Pinellas County sheriff Bob Gualtieri said: “When you open the door and you see somebody dressed in all black, in fatigues, with a ski mask on and a gun in your mother’s face – he did the right thing.” Heisler was not only prohibited from entering the home, but he was also banned from possessing weapons.

Source: Mirror online

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